DIY Account Setup Instructions

Included with your purchase is installation of an Infusionsoft campaign, along with hooking up Stripe inside your PayLinks account - we will also verify your ApplePay settings in stripe!

In order to schedule our call, please complete the following:

  • Add Link Leads as a partner user of your Infusionsoft account         How To Article >
  • Add LinkLeads as a user of your Stripe Account         How To Article >
  • Choose a subdomain where your forms will live ( you will need this for the DNS setup & to enter on the form from step 4 below). DNS setup to point your desired CNAME to the PayLinks Server         How To Article >
  • Once the above 3 steps are complete, please schedule a call with a PayLinks support rep so we can finalize your
    setup. This schedule link has been emailed to you.
*** Step by step instructions for setup of your Stripe Suite of Tools has been emailed to you. Please check your JUNK folder if you cannot find it. ***


How To Setup Your Account

Estimated time required for Do-It-Yourself setup: 1.5 hours

  • Login to LinkLeads and Auth your Infusionsoft account        How To Article >
  • Setup the Stripe Webhook Endpoint inside Link Leads + add to Stripe       How To Article >
  • How to create a One-Click-Upsell button       How To Article >
  • Installation of the Stripe Browser Extension so you can see Stripe Payments inside the Infusionsoft contact record        How To Article >
  • Installation of the Affiliate Tracking Plugin for WordPress        How To Article >
  • Setup the client update widget so your customers can update their own credit card info        How To Article >