part 1 create a lead magnet that converts

LinkLeads proven formula walks clients through a step-by-step process to ensure the sales funnel converts.

1 Who is in your audience?

Identifying who is in the audience makes crafting a sales funnel a science and not a guessing game. Utilizing LinkLeads 10+ years of experience, a laser targeted sales funnel will be created based on the the people in your audience.

2 what problems do they have?

Once the audience is identified, LinkLeads will help determine what pains and problems they have. This is important to capture the attention of the audience and move them through the sales funnel.

3 how can you help?

After the audience and pains are indentified, it’s time to offer a solution in the form of a well thought out FREE giveaway. If crafted properly, the audience should all reach in their pockets and claim the free lead magnet.

A Method That works

A well thought out lead magnet will appeal to the correct target audience and maximize profitability
of the conversion funnel. Poorly thought out lead magnets are the #1 reason marketing funnels fail.

part 2 Text-IN capture leads and convert to sale

Using LinkLeads proven formula, these three steps will be completed one-on-one
with each client ensuring the best results.


1 text-in
lead capture

Capture audience information using SMS text messages.

2 add to autoresponder

Automatically add audience information into an autoresponder or marketing automation system.

3 follow up

Nurture leads using LinkLeads tested email and SMS copy.


Maximize sales by implementing LinkLeads automatic & done-for-you sales systems.

Let’s get started


LinkLeads Data Integration Plans offer a customer set up option; we give you access to the tools and you make it work for you and your business.